Hi, I’m Elenore. (If you speak dutch, most people call me Noortje)

Making stuff started at a very young age. I played the game ‘fashion designer(tje)’ very often. And was always making scrapbooks full of beautiful dresses, fabrics and concepts. The answer on what I wanted to become when I grow up was always to become a fashion designer. 

Now I know that I’m not very good with needlework, but the drawings are still something I really really love to do! So now I can call myself a fashion illustrator and artist. Not too far away from my childhood dream, right?

I work with several different materials to complete an artwork. I like to make my hands dirty and really feel the way my materials move around the paper. I started my business in 2016 and since then I really expanded my way of working and learnt a lot in the process. I started on very small pieces of paper with only markers and ink and now I have painted and sold big canvasses, painted murals on big walls, learnt digital drawing and did lots of live events for beautiful brands like Estée Lauder, Made and Montblanc. I can really call myself an illustrator and artist now, dreams do come true!  

I would like to help other people believe in themselves and see themselves as the lovely persons they are! That’s why I like to do live events and make drawings of people to help them see how beautiful they are and put smiles on their faces. I hope you like my little place on the internet. If I may help you with anything you can send me a messages and hopefully I can make you a little bit happier with my art.

Get in touch

I would like to meet you! 

Email: info@byelenore.com

Tel: +31 6 83 656 302

Instagram: @By.elenore